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Integrated Intelligent Village Project - Introduction, Insights & Discoveries

‘Developing and Establishing Holistic Self-Reliance from Within’

Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.

Life intelligence is this ability to generate a pleasant and self-reliant individual, productive community, which is sustained from ‘within’ with the talent to create a purposeful and respectable existence while promoting encompassing holistic well-being.

Project Host : aimyoga

Project Location : Bodhvilas, Kamdipada, Kasara(E), Thane 
                   Maharashtra, India

Contact   wisehamletindia@gmail.com


          +91-7057499519 / +91-9867379694


Intelligent Village is Project to develop rural area of India not just to make it modern, but to develop from within by its own strength by purposeful use of environment, natural resources and its lifestyle.

To be self-reliant village is requires a holistic approach toward its lifestyle.

Hence this project undertakes 8 major activities not just requiring investment from outside for development, but create sustainable profit from within by itself.

Background of Project

1. Location for Pilot Project

  - Maharashtra, Thane district, Kasara, Next to National reserved  

   => 100km from Mumbai, 60 from Nashik and Thane City, 20km 
      from Igatpuri famous for Dhammapda Vipasana Meditation  
      Center, Mahindra & Mahindra Automobile Factory located 60km 
      from Trambakeshwara Temple

2. Characteristic of the Village Region

 - 9 month of Dry and sunny consisting of all sub continental   
   seasons with 3 months of heavy Monsoon

 - Kasara has very low productivity in agriculture,

 - Lands consist of Murram but rich soils with stones usual to   
   Deccan Plateaus

 - Lack of water harvesting facility hence difficult environment
   for agriculture

 - Strong sun light with high luminescence and heat

3. Conversation with Project Host

- Our Family of city dwellers with a metropolitan life style has come to inherit a sizeable tract of land in an aboriginal hamlet.

  This hamlet happens to be only a couple of hours from the metropolis of Mumbai. 

  Over the past 3 decades of enjoying these green lush scenic surrounding, with almost perennial streams we came to become inhabitants of this rural setup over last few years.

4. View from Within 

Assessment from within is quite different than the view from outside especially a city.

The aborigines or Adivasis (aborigines) were initially a different lot, quite unaware of the movements of the urbanized modern society.

Living happily with the thick forests of the Sahayadri Range, sufficient water and not directly affected by the urban movements.

Once, quite self-sufficient through agriculture and forest produce for their livelihood, the folks were easy and smiling in a world of seasonal cyclic life not knowing the concept of 9 to 5 existence.

But since we have become inhabitants, we came about some realizations and discoveries of the situations, upheavals and Shifting Paradigm.

Important Observations for Project

1. Major observation

 - Lifestyle of village

 - Education of children & parents

 - Livelihood

 - Environment & Climates

 - Natural resources

2. Breaches and Chasms

- Most distinct, the perennial water sources have now trickled down and the lush surrounding have become patchy and bald.

- Agriculture is not so prosperous and the only occupation available to this rather multi-talented lot is one of ‘manual labor only”.

- Women folk labor hard to make ends meet accompanied with water woes and lack of facilities including a road.

- Even primary Healthcare is expensive and unreliable, available far from the hamlet.

- The children are struggling with literacy, education and certified skillsets as demanded by the suburbanization.

- The youth has become aware and enamored by the Television screening modern amenities. With no means of steady occupation and employment, these gaps in possibilities often lead to anti-social patterns.  

 - Lack of education and development has left them with large tracts of land, unproductive, with nine months of sun including a scorching summer.  

The aborigines are now a despondent lot.

Lack of guidance, direction and education robs them of the all possibilities, whether modern or of their own unique natural neighborhood and its inherent strengths.  

3. Opportunity

‘Necessity is the mother of all Inventions’

Development is advancement through maturity with intrinsic understanding of oneself, the community and the environment. Progress or Growth for the sake of growth is the philosophy of cancer, more than often leading to skewed development.

Intelligent Village is a community inspired by self-reliance and self-sustenance, within or promoting a ‘Clean Development Mechanism’. The village instead of being completely reliant on outside support for its very existence and being disheartened can transform itself into one of self reliance with the ability to contribute to a healthy citizen, society and nation at large. 

Vision : 

To establish a Integrated Intelligent Village or a Wise Hamlet

The quality of life we choose to exist is an inside job, one of contemplation and inspiration from within and the surroundings. The intelligent village appreciates this wholesomeness of life and its various promoting factors and facets. Astuteness is complete nourishment of these various facets whether it is food, water, health and education, complemented with an enabling occupation etc. It perceives the possibilities and advantage of being itself, ‘one-off, unique’. Our location, situations its residents are all unique, so are the problems, possibilities and their solutions.

“Excellence is an Attitude, an Inside Job”

This village can appreciates the individual, community, culture, motherland and the environment. Wisdom sees the common link in their mutual well-being and existence. The vision of wholesome development is being encompassing and enduring.
After studying and enlisting the current and community related issue we see the areas of thrust are

Greetings and Regards .......
We welcome your comments and suggestion to further improve our insights and implementation.
We welcome your participation with us in the project in various capacities as philanthropists, engineers, doctors, social engineering, architects, educationist and what you may believe will support the cause of the rural development and emancipation.


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