Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Integrated Intelligent Village Project - “Clean Holistic Development Mechanism”

 ‘Integrated Intelligent Village’ Project

8 Major Activities 

1. Literacy & Education

2. Health, Welfare and Sanitation

3. Rural Employment and Youth Empowerment

4. Self-Reliant Energy (Solar Power & Other Natural Renewable Sources)

5. Water Conservation

6. Agriculture and Promoting Green Cover

7. Environmental, Cultural and Wild Life Conservation, Protection &  


8. Contribution to Society

1. Literacy & Education

  1-1. Literacy

        - Working on improving School

        - Creating College and Skill development center

        - Library and Community Center

  1-2. Education

- Upgrading of Purposeful Skill and Vocational Skills

- Health and Life style Education

        - Community and Citizenship based Education and Awareness Program

- Yoga Education

2. Health, Welfare and Sanitation

  2-1. Health

       - Health Education

       - Purposeful Healthy Life Style

       - Yoga

  2-2. Sanitation and Waste Management

        - Toilets & Hand wash Basin

        - Bathroom

        - Purposeful waste management

  2-3. Supporting Community Welfare & Health Development

        - Natural Medicine and Home remedies

        - Health Clinics

3. Rural Employment (especially Youth Employment and Empowerment)

   - With training at  

                           - Agriculture

                           - Water Conservation

                           - Energy (Solar Energy and Renewable Sources)

 - Environmental Protection

 - Housing

 - Locally required Skills for community sustenance and enhancement

4. Self-Reliant Renewable Energy Sources

   - Solar Power

   - Bio- Fuel and other renewable sources

   - Clean Transportation based on renewable Energy

   - Bio-Renewable energy based Homes and Village

5. Water Conservation

    - Conserving and improving water management

    - Enhancing source of water

    - Developing new Water sources and its easy availability

6. Agriculture and Farm Produce

    - Improvement in Techniques & Education

    - Improving Over all Farm Productivity and occupation

7. Enhancing Environment, Culture and Wild life

    - Education

    - Protection

    - Conservation

    - Maintenance

    - Improvement


8. Contribution and Service to Individual, Society and Homeland

    -      Creating surplus of resources in energy, food and vegetables, healthy   


-       Purposeful employment and reduction in crime and other antisocial and non productive activities

-       Reduction in social evil originating from lack of employment, poor education, improper community welfare and other despondent circumstances

-       Transportation by using renewable energy.

Greetings and Regards .......
We welcome your comments and suggestion to further improve our insights and implementation.
We welcome your participation with us in the project in various capacities as philanthropists, engineers, doctors, social engineering, architects, educationist and what you may believe will support the cause of the rural development and emancipation.

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