Friday, 8 July 2016

Integrated Intelligent Village Development - Rural Corporate Partnership

Integrated Intelligent Village Development 

Rural Corporate Partnership

Self Contained - Self Dependent - Self Sustained

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The country is independent truly when the village is self dependent for its needs of food, water, purposeful occupation & employment, power and other basic amenities like education, healthcare, sanitation and welfare.  As the village, so the country.

With almost 900 million in the village its time to relook at our villages to make them self sustained and self contained for its needs, for the state or nation to be truly self reliant.

The villages have become a cost center instead of being a profit center. This is also causing the movement of people from village slowly moving and migrating towards the urban centers causing great stress on the urban situation and overall development.

Looking inwards or towards the village with a new perspective can create an incredible situation in terms of well being, wealth and  all-round or holistic progress.

The village can be the new driving force for the country by being a surplus contributing profit center with its 900 million population. We are looking at a new paradigm with this huge population becoming the new thriving class. We are looking at the village as a miniature equipped urban center, purposefully provided and self-sustained.

This reality of a Gifted Village with technology easily available it is not difficult to imagine and implement .

Rural and Corporations:

Cooperation Co-existence Advantage 

The new bio-network amalgamates the rural possibilities with the corporate strength into a new partnership.

Rural India is the real driving force of our country. We need our villages to be carbohydrate driven not hydrocarbon compelled. The rural has great untapped potential which can be harvested not seasonally but all year round purposefully. A partnership between the two great driving forces of our country is inevitable and can be put to action by imaginative and resolute concepts.

Cultivating the great Indian village is by promoting their well being with integrating it with the latest technologies quite easily accessible to all.

 Greetings and regards.....
We welcome your comments and suggestion to further improve our insights and implementation.
We welcome your participation with us in the project in various capacities as philanthropists, engineers, doctors, social engineering, architects, educationist and what you may believe will support the cause of the rural development and emancipation.

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