Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Integrated Intelligent Village Development "Our Accomplishments......"

Integrated Intelligent Village Development "Our Accomplishments......But still some milestones to Attend"

Vision : To establish a Integrated Intelligent Village

The quality of life we choose to exist is an inside job, one of contemplation and inspiration from within and the surroundings. The intelligent village appreciates this wholesomeness of life and its various promoting factors and facets. Astuteness is complete nourishment of these various facets whether it is food, water, health and education, complemented with an enabling occupation etc. It perceives the possibilities and advantage of being itself, ‘one-off, unique’. Our location, situations its residents are all unique, so are the problems, possibilities and their solutions.

“Excellence is an Attitude”

This village can appreciates the individual, community, culture, motherland and the environment. Wisdom sees the common link in their mutual well-being and existence. The vision of wholesome development is being encompassing and enduring. 
1.   Literacy & Education

- Literacy : Taking class at Zilla Parishad Schools and promoting ease in especially ‘English’ and other subjects.

- Education : Yoga for attitude training and promoting health at schools

- Teaching Yoga for children at Girls’ orphanage (5 Yrs)

- Yoga Teachers Training Education for School Teachers at Kasara

2.   Health, Welfare and Sanitation

- Health :
-  Offering medical assistance based on ayurveda and yoga.
- Promoting  medical assistance by inviting doctors (already in the pipe line)

- Welfare

- Sanitation

3.   Rural Employment

- Hired local village people for developing our area, including housing and other facilities.

4.   Self-Reliant Renewable Energy Sources

- Solar power facility : As for experiment, we installed Solar system and came to know how much electricity can be produced and be stored, be consumed in general daily activities and effectiveness.
- Introducing renewable energy Sources.

5.   Water Conservation
-       Developed 2 bore well around our area and prospected and partly developed 3 open wells.

-       Assisted developing a earthen bunding and concrete  dam.

6.   Agriculture and Promoting Green Cover
-       Plantation and creation of green Cover: We’ve planted 250 trees and plants of various varieties in our area covering 6 acres. Despite the challenging local situation the saplings have survived and grown into mature self reliant and trees a large number bearing fruits and flowers.
-       Introduced simple modern techniques for improved productivity
-       Agriculture : We’ve made organic vegetable farm, planted 10~12 variety of vegetables. When we started, local people said it is not possible to grow

-       We could enjoy organic vegetables on our everyday meal plate.

7.   Enhancing Environment, Culture and Wild Life

- Wild Life : During the initial stages of setting up, Wild life were rarely seen around but now several variety of birds come and occupying our garden. Wild life is seen more often than before including Leopards.

-  Improvement in green cover and conservation of National reserved forests

8.   Contribution to Society

-       Guiding the villagers with home remedies and self care

-       We have concluded several successful Yoga Training camps for Corporate, Consulting Houses and Senior Industry Leaders

-       “Farming Adventure and Yoga” Camps and picnics for Children and Teenagers from various communities that include City Kids, Local kids and Orphanage.

-       Regularly conducting Certified Yoga Teachers Training and Programs for Foreign students at our premises under Aimyoga Education Research Center,

An ISO 9001:2008 institution.

-       Started Literacy and educational programs in schools for children as well as for teachers.

-       Successfully concluded a Certified Teachers Training Program for School Teachers

-       Regularly hiring locals for various activities and training them in modern techniques in agriculture, local self sustenance and dependence

-       Promoting  medical assistance by inviting doctors (already in the pipe line)

-       Introducing Clean energy based homes, village and in long term Transportation.

Greetings and Regards .......

We welcome your comments and suggestion to further improve our insights and implementation.

We welcome your participation with us in the project in various capacities as philanthropists, engineers, doctors, social engineering, architects, educationist and what you may believe will support the cause of the rural development and emancipation.

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